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Key Recovery Algorithm for Randomly-Decayed AES Key Bits
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 Title & Authors
Key Recovery Algorithm for Randomly-Decayed AES Key Bits
Baek, Yoo-Jin;
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Contrary to the common belief, DRAM which is used for the main memory of various computing devices retains its content even though it is powered-off. Especially, the data-retaining time can increase if DRAM is cooled down. The Cold Boot Attack, a kind of side-channel attacks, tries to recover the sensitive information such as the cryptographic key from the powered-off DRAM. This paper proposes a new algorithm which recovers the AES key under the symmetric-decay cold-boot-attack model. In particular, the proposed algorithm uses the strategy of reducing the size of the candidate key space by testing the randomness of the extracted AES key bit stream.
Cold Boot Attack;Side-Channel Attack;NIST Randomness Test;AES;
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