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Analysis and Countermeasure on RSA Algorithm Having High Attack Complexity in Collision-Based Power Analysis Attack
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 Title & Authors
Analysis and Countermeasure on RSA Algorithm Having High Attack Complexity in Collision-Based Power Analysis Attack
Kim, Suhri; Kim, Taewon; Jo, Sungmin; Kim, HeeSeok; Hong, Seokhie;
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It is known that power analysis is one of the most powerful attack in side channel analysis. Among power analysis single trace attack is widely studied recently since it uses one power consumption trace to recover secret key of public cryptosystem. Recently Sim et al. proposed new exponentiation algorithm for RSA cryptosystem with higher attack complexity to prevent single trace attack. In this paper we analyze the vulnerability of exponentiation algorithm described by Sim et al. Sim et al. applied message blinding and random exponentiation splitting method on for higher attack complexity. However we can reveal private key using information exposed during pre-computation generation. Also we describe modified algorithm that provides higher attack complexity on collision attack. Proposed algorithm minimized the reuse of value that are used during exponentiation to provide security under single collision attack.
Collision Attack;RSA;Side Channel Analysis Analysis;
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