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IAM Architecture and Access Token Transmission Protocol in Inter-Cloud Environment
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 Title & Authors
IAM Architecture and Access Token Transmission Protocol in Inter-Cloud Environment
Kim, Jinouk; Park, Jungsoo; Yoon, Kwonjin; Jung, Souhwan;
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With the adoption of cloud computing, the number of companies that take advantage of cloud computing has increased. Additionally, various of existing service providers have moved their service onto the cloud and provided user with various cloud-based service. The management of user authentication and authorization in cloud-based service technology has become an important issue. This paper introduce a new technique for providing authentication and authorization with other inter-cloud IAM (Identity and Access Management). It is an essential and easy method for data sharing and communication between other cloud users. The proposed system uses the credentials of a user that has already joined an organization who would like to use other cloud services. When users of a cloud provider try to obtain access to the data of another cloud provider, part of credentials from IAM server will be forwarded to the cloud provider. Before the transaction, Access Agreement must be set for granting access to the resource of other Organization. a user can access the resource of other organization based on the control access configuration of the system. Using the above method, we could provide an effective and secure authentication system on the cloud.
Token;Inter-Cloud;JWT;Access Agreement;IAM;
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