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A New Scalar Recoding Method against Side Channel Attacks
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 Title & Authors
A New Scalar Recoding Method against Side Channel Attacks
Ryu, Hyo Myoung; Cho, Sung Min; Kim, TaeWon; Kim, Chang han; Hong, Seokhie;
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In this paper we suggest method for scalar recoding which is both secure against SPA and DPA. Suggested method is countermeasure to power analysis attack through scalar recoding using negative expression. Suggested method ensures safety of SPA by recoding the operation to apply same pattern to each digit. Also, by generating the random recoding output according to random number, safety of DPA is ensured. We also implement precomputation table and modified scalar addition algorithm for addition to protect against SPA that targets digit`s sign. Since suggested method itself can ensure safety to both SPA and DPA, it is more effective and efficient. Through suggested method, compared to previous scalar recoding that ensures safety to SPA and DPA, operation efficiency is increased by 11%.
Elliptic curve cryptosystem;Power analysis attack;SPA;DPA;Scalar recoding;
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차분 전력 분석 공격에 대한 캐리 기반 랜덤 리코딩 방법의 취약성,하재철;

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