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Efficient Optimization Method for Polynomial Selection
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 Title & Authors
Efficient Optimization Method for Polynomial Selection
Kim, Suhri; Kwon, Heetaek; Lee, Yongseong; Chang, Nam Su; Yoon, Kisoon; Kim, Chang Han; Park, Young-Ho; Hong, Seokhie;
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Currently, General Number Field Sieve(GNFS) is known as the most efficient way for factoring large numbers. CADO-NFS is an open software based on GNFS, that was used to factor RSA-704. Polynomial selection in CADO-NFS can be divided into two stages - polynomial selection, and optimization of selected polynomial. However, optimization of selected polynomial in CADO-NFS is an immense procedure which takes 90% of time in total polynomial selection. In this paper, we introduce modification of optimization stage in CADO-NFS. We implemented precomputation table and modified optimization algorithm to reduce redundant calculation for faster optimization. As a result, we select same polynomial as CADO-NFS, with approximately 40% decrease in time.
GNFS;Polynomial Selection;Root optimization;
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