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An Efficient Top-k Query Processing Algorithm over Encrypted Outsourced-Data in the Cloud
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 Title & Authors
An Efficient Top-k Query Processing Algorithm over Encrypted Outsourced-Data in the Cloud
Kim, Jong Wook; Suh, Young-Kyoon;
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Recently top-k query processing has been extremely important along with the explosion of data produced by a variety of applications. Top-k queries return the best k results ordered by a user-provided monotone scoring function. As cloud computing service has been getting more popular than ever, a hot attention has been paid to cloud-based data outsourcing in which clients` data are stored and managed by the cloud. The cloud-based data outsourcing, though, exposes a critical secuity concern of sensitive data, resulting in the misuse of unauthorized users. Hence it is essential to encrypt sensitive data before outsourcing the data to the cloud. However, there has been little attention to efficient top-k processing on the encrypted cloud data. In this paper we propose a novel top-k processing algorithm that can efficiently process a large amount of encrypted data in the cloud. The main idea of the algorithm is to prune unpromising intermediate results at the early phase without decrypting the encrypted data by leveraging an order-preserving encrypted technique. Experiment results show that the proposed top-k processing algorithm significantly reduces the overhead of client systems from 10X to 10000X.
Cloud Computing;Encryption;Top-k Query;
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