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A Study on Appearance-Based Facial Expression Recognition Using Active Shape Model
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Appearance-Based Facial Expression Recognition Using Active Shape Model
Kim, Dong-Ju; Shin, Jeong-Hoon;
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This paper introduces an appearance-based facial expression recognition method using ASM landmarks which is used to acquire a detailed face region. In particular, EHMM-based algorithm and SVM classifier with histogram feature are employed to appearance-based facial expression recognition, and performance evaluation of proposed method was performed with CK and JAFFE facial expression database. In addition, performance comparison was achieved through comparison with distance-based face normalization method and a geometric feature-based facial expression approach which employed geometrical features of ASM landmarks and SVM algorithm. As a result, the proposed method using ASM-based face normalization showed performance improvements of 6.39% and 7.98% compared to previous distance-based face normalization method for CK database and JAFFE database, respectively. Also, the proposed method showed higher performance compared to geometric feature-based facial expression approach, and we confirmed an effectiveness of proposed method.
Active Shape Model(ASM);Face Normalization;Facial Expression Recognition;
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