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Brain MRI Template-Driven Medical Images Mapping Method Based on Semantic Features for Ischemic Stroke
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 Title & Authors
Brain MRI Template-Driven Medical Images Mapping Method Based on Semantic Features for Ischemic Stroke
Park, Ye-Seul; Lee, Meeyeon; Lee, Jung-Won;
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Ischemic stroke is a disease that the brain tissues cannot function by reducing blood flow due to thrombosis or embolisms. Due to the nature of the disease, it is most important to identify the status of cerebral vessel and the medical images are necessarily used for its diagnosis. Among many indicators, brain MRI is most widely utilized because experts can effectively obtain the semantic information such as cerebral anatomy aiding the diagnosis with it. However, in case of emergency diseases like ischemic stroke, even though a intelligent system is required for supporting the prompt diagnosis and treatment, the current systems have some difficulties to provide the information of medical images intuitively. In other words, as the current systems have managed the medical images based on the basic meta-data such as image name, ID and so on, they cannot consider semantic information inherent in medical images. Therefore, in this paper, to provide core information like cerebral anatomy contained in brain MRI, we suggest a template-driven medical images mapping method. The key idea of the method is defining the mapping characteristics between anatomic feature and representative images by using template images that can be representative of the whole brain MRI image set and revealing the semantic relations that only medical experts can check between images. With our method, it will be possible to manage the medical images based on semantic.
Medical Images;Semantic Data;Brain MRI;Ischemic Stroke;Brain Anatomy;Data Modeling;PACS;
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