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Facial Expression Recognition Using SIFT Descriptor
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 Title & Authors
Facial Expression Recognition Using SIFT Descriptor
Kim, Dong-Ju; Lee, Sang-Heon; Sohn, Myoung-Kyu;
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This paper proposed a facial expression recognition approach using SIFT feature and SVM classifier. The SIFT was generally employed as feature descriptor at key-points in object recognition fields. However, this paper applied the SIFT descriptor as feature vector for facial expression recognition. In this paper, the facial feature was extracted by applying SIFT descriptor at each sub-block image without key-point detection procedure, and the facial expression recognition was performed using SVM classifier. The performance evaluation was carried out through comparison with binary pattern feature-based approaches such as LBP and LDP, and the CK facial expression database and the JAFFE facial expression database were used in the experiments. From the experimental results, the proposed method using SIFT descriptor showed performance improvements of 6.06% and 3.87% compared to previous approaches for CK database and JAFFE database, respectively.
Facial Expression Recognition;Scale Invariant Feature Transform(SIFT);Support Vector Machine(SVM);
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