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A Business Service Identification Techniques Based on XL-BPMN Model
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 Title & Authors
A Business Service Identification Techniques Based on XL-BPMN Model
Song, Chee-Yang; Cho, Eun-Sook;
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The service identification in service-oriented developments has been conducted by based on workflow, goals, scenarios, usecases, components, features, and patterns. However, the identification of service by semantic approach at the business value view was not detailed yet. In order to enhance accuracy of identifying business service, this paper proposes a method for identifying business service by analyzing syntax and semantics in XL-BPMN model. The business processes based on business scenario are identified, and they are designed in a XL-BPMN business process model. In this business process model, an unit business service is identified through binding closely related activities by the integrated analysis result of syntax patterns and properties-based semantic similarities between activities. The method through XL-BPMN model at upper business levels can identify the reusable unit business service with high accuracy and modularity. It also can accelerate more service-oriented developments by reusing identified services.
Service Identification;BPMN Model;Business Service;Syntactic Identification;Semantics Identification;
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