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Design and Implementation of Sensor Registry Data Model for IoT Environment
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 Title & Authors
Design and Implementation of Sensor Registry Data Model for IoT Environment
Lee, Sukhoon; Jeong, Dongwon; Jung, Hyunjun; Baik, Doo-Kwon;
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With emerging the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, the sensor network and sensor platform technologies have been changed according to exploding amount of sensors. Sensor Registry System (SRS) as a sensor platform is a system that registers and manages sensor metadata for consistent semantic interpretation in heterogeneous sensor networks. However, the SRS is unsuitable for the IoT environment. Therefore, this paper proposes sensor registry data model to register and manager sensor information in the IoT environment. We analyze Semantic Sensor Network Ontology (SSNO) for improving the existed SRS, and design metamodel based on the analysis result. We also build tables in a relational database using the designed metamodel, then implement SRS as a web application. This paper applies the SSNO and sensor ontology examples with translating into the proposed model in order to verify the suitability of the proposed sensor registry data model. As the evaluation result, the proposed model shows abundant expression of semantics by comparison with existed models.
Internet of Things;Sensor Registry System;Sensor Registry Data Model;Sensor Model;Semantic Sensor Network Ontology;
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