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GLOVE: Distributed Shared Memory Based Parallel Visualization Tool for Massive Scientific Dataset
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 Title & Authors
GLOVE: Distributed Shared Memory Based Parallel Visualization Tool for Massive Scientific Dataset
Lee, Joong-Youn; Kim, Min Ah; Lee, Sehoon; Hur, Young Ju;
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Visualization tool can be divided by three components - data I/O, visual transformation and interactive rendering. In this paper, we present requirements of three major components on visualization tools for massive scientific dataset and propose strategies to develop the tool which satisfies those requirements. In particular, we present how to utilize open source softwares to efficiently realize our goal. Furthermore, we also study the way to combine several open source softwares which are separately made to produce a single visualization software and optimize it for realtime visualization of massiv espatio-temporal scientific dataset. Finally, we propose a distributed shared memory based scientific visualization tool which is called "GLOVE". We present a performance comparison among GLOVE and well known open source visualization tools such as ParaView and VisIt.
Scientific Visualization;Parallel Visualization;Distributed Shared Memory;Visualization System;Open Source Software;
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전산유체역학 응용에서의 효율적인 최적 2차 변수 계산 경로 추정 기법,이중연;김민아;허영주;

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