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AGB (Ancestral Genome Browser): A Web Interface for Browsing Reconstructed Ancestral Genomes
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  • Journal title : Journal of KIISE
  • Volume 42, Issue 12,  2015, pp.1584-1589
  • Publisher : Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers
  • DOI : 10.5626/JOK.2015.42.12.1584
 Title & Authors
AGB (Ancestral Genome Browser): A Web Interface for Browsing Reconstructed Ancestral Genomes
Lee, Daehwan; Lee, Jongin; Hong, Woon-Young; Jang, Eunji; Kim, Jaebum;
With the advancement of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, various genome browsers have been introduced. Because existing browsers focus on comparison of the genomic data of extant species, however, there is a need for a genome browser for ancestral genomes and their evolution. In this paper, we introduce a genome browser, AGB (Ancestral Genome Browser), that displays ancestral genome data reconstructed from existing species. With AGB, it is possible to trace genomic variations that occurred during evolution in a simple and intuitive way. We explain the capability of AGB in terms of visualizing ancestral genomic information and evolutionary genomic variations. AGB is now available at
next-generation sequencing;ancestor genome;genome browser;genome reconstruction;
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