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An Improvement in K-NN Graph Construction using re-grouping with Locality Sensitive Hashing on MapReduce
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 Title & Authors
An Improvement in K-NN Graph Construction using re-grouping with Locality Sensitive Hashing on MapReduce
Lee, Inhoe; Oh, Hyesung; Kim, Hyoung-Joo;
The k nearest neighbor (k-NN) graph construction is an important operation with many web-related applications, including collaborative filtering, similarity search, and many others in data mining and machine learning. Despite its many elegant properties, the brute force k-NN graph construction method has a computational complexity of , which is prohibitive for large scale data sets. Thus, (Key, Value)-based distributed framework, MapReduce, is gaining increasingly widespread use in Locality Sensitive Hashing which is efficient for high-dimension and sparse data. Based on the two-stage strategy, we engage the locality sensitive hashing technique to divide users into small subsets, and then calculate similarity between pairs in the small subsets using a brute force method on MapReduce. Specifically, generating a candidate group stage is important since brute-force calculation is performed in the following step. However, existing methods do not prevent large candidate groups. In this paper, we proposed an efficient algorithm for approximate k-NN graph construction by regrouping candidate groups. Experimental results show that our approach is more effective than existing methods in terms of graph accuracy and scan rate.
Big Data;MapReduce;k-NN Graph Construction;Locality Sensitive Hashing(LSH);MinHash;
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