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Speech Recognition of the Korean Vowel 'ㅐ', Based on Time Domain Sequence Patterns
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 Title & Authors
Speech Recognition of the Korean Vowel 'ㅐ', Based on Time Domain Sequence Patterns
Lee, Jae Won;
As computing and network technologies are further developed, communication equipment continues to become smaller, and as a result, mobility is now a predominant feature of current technology. Therefore, demand for speech recognition systems in mobile environments is rapidly increasing. This paper proposes a novel method to recognize the Korean vowel 'ㅐ' as a part of a phoneme-based Korean speech recognition system. The proposed method works by analyzing a sequence of patterns in the time domain instead of the frequency domain, and consequently, its use can markedly reduce computational costs. Three algorithms are presented to detect typical sequence patterns of 'ㅐ', and these are combined to produce the final decision. The results of the experiment show that the proposed method has an accuracy of 89.1% in recognizing the vowel 'ㅐ'.
speech recognition;vowel;waveform;bulk indicator;'ㅐ';
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