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A Study on the Detection of Small Arm Rifle Sound Using the Signal Modelling Method
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Detection of Small Arm Rifle Sound Using the Signal Modelling Method
Shin, Mincheol; Park, Kyusik;
This paper proposes a signal modelling method that can effectively detect the shock wave(SW) sound and muzzle blast(MB) sound from the gunshot of a small arm rifle. In order to localize a counter sniper in battlefield, an accurate detection of both shock wave sound and muzzle blast sound are the necessary keys in estimating the direction and the distance of the counter sniper. To verify the performance of the proposed algorithm, a real gunshot sound in a domestic military shooting range was recorded and analyzed. From the experimental results, the proposed signal modelling method was found to be superior to the comparative system more than 20% in a shock wave detection and 5% in a muzzle blast detection, respectively.
signal modelling;small arm rifle;shock wave sound;muzzle blast sound;signal detection;
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