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Parallelization of CUSUM Test in a CUDA Environment
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 Title & Authors
Parallelization of CUSUM Test in a CUDA Environment
Son, Changhwan; Park, Wooyeol; Kim, HyeongGyun; Han, KyungSook; Pyo, Changwoo;
We have parallelized the cumulative sum (CUSUM) test of NIST's statistical random number test suite in a CUDA environment. Storing random walks in an array instead of in scalar variables eliminates data dependence. The change in data structure makes it possible to apply parallel scans, scatters, and reductions at each stage of the test. In addition, serial data exchanges between CPU and GPU are removed by migrating CPU's tasks to GPU. Finally we have optimized global memory accesses. The overall speedup is 23 times over the sequential version. Our results contribute to improving security of random numbers for cryptographic keys as well as reducing the time for evaluation of randomness.
CUSUM test;parallel implementation;random walk;randomness test;
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