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Co-scheduling Technique of Dataflow Applications with Shared Processor Allocation
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 Title & Authors
Co-scheduling Technique of Dataflow Applications with Shared Processor Allocation
Kang, Duseok; Kang, Shinhaeng; Yang, Hoeseok; Ha, Soonhoi;
When multiple applications are running concurrently on a multi-processor system, interferences between applications make it difficult to guarantee real-time constraints. We propose a novel interference analysis technique that allows sharing of share processors among dataflow applications, while satisfying real-time constraints. Based on the interference analysis, we develop a co-scheduling technique that aims to minimize the resource usage. Compared to an existent technique that involves converting application graphs to real-time tasks, the proposed technique shows better results in terms of resource usage, especially when it is applied to applications with tight time constraints.
dataflow;co-schedule;time constraint;resource efficiency;
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