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A GPU-enabled Face Detection System in the Hadoop Platform Considering Big Data for Images
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 Title & Authors
A GPU-enabled Face Detection System in the Hadoop Platform Considering Big Data for Images
Bae, Yuseok; Park, Jongyoul;
With the advent of the era of digital big data, the Hadoop platform has become widely used in various fields. However, the Hadoop MapReduce framework suffers from problems related to the increase of the name node's main memory and map tasks for the processing of large number of small files. In addition, a method for running C++-based tasks in the MapReduce framework is required in order to conjugate GPUs supporting hardware-based data parallelism in the MapReduce framework. Therefore, in this paper, we present a face detection system that generates a sequence file for images to process big data for images in the Hadoop platform. The system also deals with tasks for GPU-based face detection in the MapReduce framework using Hadoop Pipes. We demonstrate a performance increase of around 6.8-fold as compared to a single CPU process.
big data;hadoop;GPU;face detection;
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