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Personalized Itinerary Recommendation System based on Stay Time
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 Title & Authors
Personalized Itinerary Recommendation System based on Stay Time
Park, Sehwa; Park, Seog;
Recent developments regarding transportation technology have positioned travel as a major leisure activity; however, trip-itinerary planning remains a challenging task for tourists due to the need to select Points of Interest (POI) for visits to unfamiliar cities. Meanwhile, due to the GPS functions on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, it is now possible to collect a user's position in real time. Based on these circumstances, our research on an automatic itinerary-planning system to simplify the trip-planning process was conducted briskly. The existing studies that include research on itinerary schedules focus on an identification of the shortest path in consideration of cost and time constraints, or a recommendation of the most-popular travel route in the destination area; therefore, we propose a personalized itinerary-recommendation system for which the stay-time preference of the individual user is considered as part of the personalized service.
location based service;itinerary recommendation system;top-k query processing;threshold algorithm;
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