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Performance Optimization in GlusterFS on SSDs
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 Title & Authors
Performance Optimization in GlusterFS on SSDs
Kim, Deoksang; Eom, Hyeonsang; Yeom, Heonyoung;
In the current era of big data and cloud computing, the amount of data utilized is increasing, and various systems to process this big data rapidly are being developed. A distributed file system is often used to store the data, and glusterFS is one of popular distributed file systems. As computer technology has advanced, NAND flash SSDs (Solid State Drives), which are high performance storage devices, have become cheaper. For this reason, datacenter operators attempt to use SSDs in their systems. They also try to install glusterFS on SSDs. However, since the glusterFS is designed to use HDDs (Hard Disk Drives), when SSDs are used instead of HDDs, the performance is degraded due to structural problems. The problems include the use of I/O-cache, Read-ahead, and Write-behind Translators. By removing these features that do not fit SSDs which are advantageous for random I/O, we have achieved performance improvements, by up to 255% in the case of 4KB random reads, and by up to 50% in the case of 64KB random reads.
glusterFS;SSD;small random I/O;performance optimization;
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