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A Health Assessment Platform with IoT Devices
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 Title & Authors
A Health Assessment Platform with IoT Devices
La, Hyun Jung; Kim, Moon Kwon; Kim, Soo Dong;
The emergence of diverse medical Internet of Things (IoT) devices has facilitated the collection and analysis of medical contexts to assess health conditions. However, the complexity of IoT-based systems for health assessment is quiet high and it requires high development cost, since the designs of the systems highly depend on the heath aspects to be evaluated. In this paper, we propose a design of the platform that provides generic functionalities to various health evaluation applications. We first define a metric for computing a health index, which is a generic health assessment model. And, based on the proposed generic health index, we propose a design of the platform to evaluate diverse aspects of the health including its hardware architecture, software architecture and database design. We describe the result of developing Rainbow Toilet System based on the proposed platform, and assess the practical applicability.
medical IoT device;health assessment;health index;platform;
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