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A Study on Cataloguing Thought of Lubetzky
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A Study on Cataloguing Thought of Lubetzky
Lee, Kang-San-Da-Joeng;
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This study came up a library thought and the theory of cataloging through analyzing the life and writings of Seymour Lubetzky who founded the principals of cataloging in the twentieth century. This study investigated the historical social, ideological, and cultural context, using a literature survey and the methodology of historical research. Moreover, this study aimed a comprehensive research based on the results of domestic and foreign fragmentary studies, and analyzed the effects of Lubetzky`s thought of cataloging. Thus, this study found Lubetzky`s library and cataloging thought. The theory of cataloging that analyzes the above findings is the design of cataloging rules and a bibliographical relationship establishment. First of all, the principles of descriptive cataloging should contain the necessity, simplicity, unity, consistency, finality, and the characteristics of interrelations, and clarify the purpose of cataloging. The bibliographical relationship is built on dividing a work as an intellectual product into a book as a physical substance. Moreover, a basic entry is entered on the basis of author names for planning the concentration of works, and a corporate name and an anonym are contained in the author names for extending the concept of author.
Lubetzky;cataloguing;cataloguing thought;cataloguing principle;
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