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Availability of Accessible Large-Print Books for the Readers with Presbyopia in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Availability of Accessible Large-Print Books for the Readers with Presbyopia in Korea
Chang, Hye Rhan;
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Services for the elderly is a new challenge for the libraries in aging society. This study reviewed the obstacles faced by the old readers and presbyopia, and analyzed the states of the large-print books to understand and estimate the Korean large-print books availability. Based on the bibliographic list of large-print books collected by the National Library of Korea, large-print book stock list of the Kyobo Book Center, large-print book lists supplied to the libraries by the Korean Library Association, and the data of the previous Library Survey for the Disabled, number of titles and volumes, publication year, duplication, and subject field of the large-print books available are analyzed. Based on the results, problems are identified and recommendations for bibliographic control, collection development, reading promotion, and further research area are suggested.
presbyopia;large-print books;publication;availability;libraries;
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