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Investigating the Influence of Undergraduate Students` Personal Characteristics on the Use Behavior of Library Mobiles
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 Title & Authors
Investigating the Influence of Undergraduate Students` Personal Characteristics on the Use Behavior of Library Mobiles
Kwak, Ji-Hye; Kim, Hyun-Hee;
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This study aims to investigate the influence of undergraduate students` personal characteristics on the use behaviors of library mobiles and its contents. We used gender, major, grade, university, perceived usefulness, personal innovativeness, and smartphone dependency variables to measure their personal characteristics. We conducted a survey with 309 undergraduate students who belong to two universities. The results showed that the major, grade, perceived usefulness, and innovativeness variables significantly influenced the use frequency of library mobiles, while the gender, major, university, and smartphone dependency ones did the use pattern of library mobile contents. Based on the results, we proposed three methods for constructing an efficient university library mobile.
library mobile;use behaviors;smart phones;personal characteristics;
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