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Exploring the Lawyers` Legal Information Seeking Behaviors for the Law Practice
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 Title & Authors
Exploring the Lawyers` Legal Information Seeking Behaviors for the Law Practice
Kim, Ji-Hyun; Seo, Eun-Gyoung;
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The prior studies on the practical lawyer`s information seeking behaviors, including Leckie et al. (1996) model showed that role of the work and nature of the work in attorney`s practices had an significant influence on the attorney`s information seeking behaviors. This study now asks if these prior analyses can be applicable to attorneys` practices nowadays. This study performed surveys and interviews with 21 practical attorneys in korea who were grouped by their experience period and the size of law firms. This study concludes that role of the work in Leckie et al. model still affects the attorneys` information seeking behaviors today and moreover, the attorney`s experience and the size of law firms as variables also have made an impact on attorney`s behaviors so far. By the way, this study further finds that the attorneys prefer the digital information in online database and formal information like statutes or case laws. These results are definitely different from them of the prior studies. In addition, this study suggests that the behavior such as meaningful using of the informal information in difficulties with improper information can be kinds of the attorney`s information seeking behaviors.
practical lawyer;attorney;legal information;information needs;legal information seeking behaviors;information seeking behaviors;legal information database;law practice;
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