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Low Pass Filter Design using the SRR-DGS Resonator
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 Title & Authors
Low Pass Filter Design using the SRR-DGS Resonator
Kim, Jong-Hwa; Kim, Gi-Rae; Kim, Sung-Hoon;
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In this paper, the split-ring DGS resonator is proposed and its equivalent circuit are analyzed to design the low pass filter. Compared with the conventional dumbell DGS cell, this structure has a flat fluctuation in low frequency range and a sharp slop at edge frequency. The out-band suppression of the SRR-DGS cell can be improved by placing the open stubs on the conductor line which operates as parallel capacitances. Making use of equivalent circuit analytical method, the characteristics of the improved SRR DGS cell are investigated and applied to design compact low pass filter, which has a low in-band loss, sharp slop and high suppression of more than 35dB within a wide out-band frequency range. The dependence of the transmission characteristic on the dimension of a split ring, such as side-length and split-gap, is analyzed in detail. In addition, an improved SRR DGS cell model with open stubs loaded on the conductor line is then presented to improve the out-band suppression. By using the equivalent-circuit analytical method, an S-band microstrip low-pass filter with perfect low-pass characteristic and high out-band suppression is designed and fabricated.
Split-Ring DGS;SRR-DGS Resonator;Oscillator;Microstrip Resonator;Phase Noise;
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