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3D mechanical model based pulmonary nodule segmentation in CT images
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 Title & Authors
3D mechanical model based pulmonary nodule segmentation in CT images
Yoon, Ji-Seok; Choi, Tae-Sun;
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In this paper, a 3D mechanical model based on pulmonary nodule segmentation method is proposed. The proposed method has three main parts. First, an initial 3D mechanical model is generated. The model is made up of many triangle elements resulting in forming whole shape of the model as sphere. Second, points of the model are deformed, and finally internal and external energies according to each deformation are calculated. The internal energy is determined by the model shape, and the external energy is determined by intensity. After the model is deformed, the process of searching the minimum energy generated by the deformation is executed repetitively. If the model energy converges, the nodule is segmented by using the proposed model. The proposed method greatly improves the result compared with conventional methods.
3D mechanical model;external energy;internal energy;nodule segmentation;
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CT Angiography 영상에서 대동맥 추출을 위한 혈관 분할 알고리즘 성능 평가,김태형;황영상;신기영;

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