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Evaluation of orthodontics for treating temporo-mandibular joint disorders using a stereo camera
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of orthodontics for treating temporo-mandibular joint disorders using a stereo camera
Yun, Hong-Ii; Park, Joon-Su; Chung, Koo-Yeong; Shin, Ki-Young; Park, Joon-Ki;
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TMJ(TemporoMandibular Joint) is considered as the most important articulation in human body for maintaining the balance. Thus it is one of the main treatment areas in Chiropractic. Instead of Chiropractic treatment, NOSICK, a TMJ balancing device, can be used. As there is no such device to quantify the effect of NOSICK, a system was developed to measure the effect of NOSICK. This system is composed of stereo vision, infrared lights, and infrared through filter, etc. It requires optical markers for the measurement. 8 land markers were selected from the face which will show different displacement as NOSICK is applied. 11 test subjects were measured with the system developed with and without NOSICK applied. Quantifiable displacement of markers before and after applying NOSICK was successfully measured with the system developed.
Chiropractic;Manual Tharapy;Temporo-mandibular joint;stereo vision;3d reconstruction;facial balance;
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