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A Study on Amplification DRDoS Attacks and Defenses
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Amplification DRDoS Attacks and Defenses
Choi, Hyunsang; Park, Hyundo; Lee, Heejo;
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DDoS attacks have been used for paralyzing popular Internet services. Especially, amplification attacks have grown dramatically in recent years. Defending against amplification attacks is challenging since the attacks usually generate extremely hugh amount of traffic and attack traffic is coming from legitimate servers, which is hard to differentiate from normal traffic. Moreover, some of protocols used by amplification attacks are widely adopted in IoT devices so that the number of servers susceptible to amplification attacks will continue to increase. This paper studies on the analysis of amplification attack mechanisms in detail and proposes defense methodologies for scenarios where attackers, abused servers or victims are in a monitoring network.
Amplification attack;DDoS;IoT;Defense;Security;
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Powershell을 이용한 안전한 XMPP 프로토콜 기반의 의료기기 IoT환경 구축 제안,박연진;이근호;

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