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Enhancing Multidimensional Customer Engagement on Social Media Marketing: Based on the posting contents and display types in Facebook Fan Pages
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  • Journal title : The Journal of Information Systems
  • Volume 24, Issue 4,  2015, pp.99-116
  • Publisher : The Korea Association of Information Systems
  • DOI : 10.5859/KAIS.2015.24.4.99
 Title & Authors
Enhancing Multidimensional Customer Engagement on Social Media Marketing: Based on the posting contents and display types in Facebook Fan Pages
Kang, Bong Su; Lee, Kyu Hyun; Kim, Hee-Woong;
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Purpose One of the main characteristics of Social Network Service(SNS) is that users in an open space makes posts through voluntary participation and sharing among them. This makes SNS a very attractive channel to companies that need to send their messages to consumers. As a matter of fact, there are many companies doing marketing activities through a platform of Fan Page as a space for corporations and consumers to act together. This study defines the values and types of companies` advertising posts on Facebook, empirically analyzes the results of them, and investigates factors that could enhance the customer engagement. Design/methodology/approach A research model was built to demonstrate which values and types of posts were combined by corporations` posts on Facebook and create their messages and which of those combinations would lead to high results of customer engagement. Findings The results show differences in the values of posts between the group of high customer engagement and the other group on Facebook. This study makes its contribution by conducting elaborate analysis of posts on Facebook and thus proposing marketing strategies that companies, which had difficulties with systematic marketing activities due to cost limitations, could use on Facebook.
Social Media;FCB Grid Model;Customer Engagement;Theory of Consumption Value;
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