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Determination of Fe(II) ion and Fe(III) ion by Chemiluminescence Method
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 Title & Authors
Determination of Fe(II) ion and Fe(III) ion by Chemiluminescence Method
Lee, Sang Hak; Nam, Myeong Sik;
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A method to determin Fe(II) and Fe(III) ion in aqueous solution by chemiluminescence method using a stopped flow system has been studied. The method is based on the increased chemiluminescence intensity with the addition of Fe(III) ion to a solution of lucigenin and hydrogen peroxide. The effects of KOH concentration, flow rate of reagents, concentration and citric acid concentration used for the masking of Fe(II) ion on the chemilu-minescence intensity have been investigated. The calibration curve for total Fe was linear over the range from 1.0 M to 1.0M, coefficient of correlation was 0.996 and the detection limit was 1.0M under the optimal exper-imental conditions of 4.0 M, 2.0 M, 3.5 mL/min for the concentration of KOH and flow rate of reagents, respec-tively. The calibration curve for Fe(Ⅲ) was linear over the range from 1.0M to 1.0 M, the coefficient of correlation was 0.997 and the detection limit was 5.0M under the optimal experimental conditions.
Chemiluminescence;Determination of Fe(II);Determination of Fe(III);
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