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Stability of Tris(2-cyclohexylaminoethyl)amine-Zn(II) Complex
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 Title & Authors
Stability of Tris(2-cyclohexylaminoethyl)amine-Zn(II) Complex
Yong Woon Shin; Hyun Sook Baek; Jae-Kyung Yang; Jineun Kim; Moo Lyong Seo;
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Tris(2-cyclohexylaminoethyl)amine (L) was synthesized by the Schiff base condensation reaction of tris(2-aminoethyl)amine with cyclohexanone, followed by reduction. The thermodynamic characteristics, mole ratio and formation constant of [Zn(II)-L] complex were measured by the cyclic voltammetry and isothermal titration. In the case of Zn(II), well-defined cathodic and anodic peak were obtained at -1.02V and -0.48V vs Ag/AgCl , respectively. For the [Zn(II)-L] complex, both peaks were obtained at -1.19V and -0.45V vs Ag/AgCl, respectively. In addition, the peak height gradually increases as the scan rate increases, suggesting that the currents obtained were diffusion - controlled. The mole ratio and stability constant of the complex measured cyclic voltammerty were 1:1 and logK= 5.8, respectively. And the mole ratio and stability constant of the complexe calculated by isothermal titration method was 1:1 and logK =5.4, respectively. H, G and TS for the complex formation were -53.0 kJ/mol, -31.1 kJ/mol, and -21.9 J/K at 25 C, respectively.
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