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Transition Metal Catalysed Oxidation Reactions and Ligand Effects in Aprotic Solvents
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Transition Metal Catalysed Oxidation Reactions and Ligand Effects in Aprotic Solvents
Kim, Sang-Bock;
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Cobalt oxygen carrier complex N,N`-ethylenebis(3-methoxysalycylideneiminato)cobalt(II), Co(3MeOsalen) was prepared at . UV and visible absorption spectra of the complex and hydrazobenzene were studied in non-aqueous solvent methanol in the range of wavelength 200-600 nm. The oxidation of hydrazobenzene by oxygen in non-aqueous solvent is catalysed by Co(3MeOsalen). In the presence of triphenylphosphine(), the rate decreases in methanol. This is presumably attributable to the coordination of to the Co(3MeOsalen), resulting in the catallytically inactive compound. The initial rates of the oxidation of hydrazobenzene with the ligand triphenylphosphine were measured by the theoretical values of the rates, Rate
Ligand Effects;
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이금속성 형태 몰리브덴 촉매를 이용한 질소화합물의 반응속도 연구,안범수;

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