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One-component Room Temperature Vulcanizing-Type Silicone Rubber-Based Solid-State Carbonate Ion Selective Electrode
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 Title & Authors
One-component Room Temperature Vulcanizing-Type Silicone Rubber-Based Solid-State Carbonate Ion Selective Electrode
Kim, Mi-Kyoung; Yoon, In-Jun; Cho, Sung-Ho; Shin, Hye-Ra; Han, Jong-Ho; Ha, Jeong-Han; Nam, Hak-Hyun; Cha, Geun-Sig;
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We developed a miniaturized solid-state carbonate ion-selective electrode (carbonate ISE) based on one-component room temperature vulcanizing type silicone rubber 730 (730 RTV) without adding plasticizer to the matrix. The optimized carbonate ion selective membrane is prepared with 85.8 wt% of 730 RTV, 11.1 wt% of trifluoroacetyl-p-decylbenzene (TFADB), and 3.1 wt% of tridodecyl-methylammonium chloride (TDMACl). This carbonate ISE exhibited excellent potentiometric properties (i.e., slope: 26.3 mV/dec; selectivity:
Carbonate Ion Selective Membrane;Silicone Rubber;Solid-state Sensor;
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