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Kinetic Studies on the Reaction of the Homobimetallic Anion, M+5-MeCp)Mn(CO)2Mn(CO)5-(M+=Na+, PPN+) with Allyl Chloride
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 Title & Authors
Kinetic Studies on the Reaction of the Homobimetallic Anion, M+5-MeCp)Mn(CO)2Mn(CO)5-(M+=Na+, PPN+) with Allyl Chloride
Park, Yong-Kwang; Yun, Dong-Shin;
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The homobimetallic anion, was disrupted by CH2CHCH2Cl in THF at various temperatures () under the pseudo 1st order reaction conditions where excess of allyl chloride was employed under a nitrogen atmosphere. This homobimetallic anion seems to be involved in a concerted reaction mechanism in which a four-centered transition state is proposed. After undergoing the transition state, this reaction eventually leads to (MeCp)Mn on addition of CO and , respectively. However, in case of analog, may play a novel counter ion effect on the disruption reaction either by transferring one terminal CO from the moiety on to the of the corresponding homobimetallic complex, eventually resulting in or through the interaction between and the leaving group (Cl) of allyl chloride. This reaction is of overall second order with respect to homobimetallic complex with the activation parameters ( e.u. for analog; e.u. for analog reaction).
Homobimetallic Complex;Allyl Chloride;
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