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Contraction of Alpha-nickel Hydroxide Layers by Excess Coulombic Attraction of Anions
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 Title & Authors
Contraction of Alpha-nickel Hydroxide Layers by Excess Coulombic Attraction of Anions
Kim, Gwang-Beom; Ganesh Kumar, V.; Bae, Sang-Won; Lee, Jae-Seong;
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In this study computer assisted instruction materials for the ‘Solution` chapter in high school chemistry II textbook were developed based on a view of particle and analyze the effect of the materials on 10th and 11th high school students. The contents of developed materials are dissolution, vapor pressure, the change of boiling point and freezing point, osmosis, and so on which are the major contents of Solution chapter in high school chemistry II textbook. Materials were developed with using animation and simulation for students understanding of the phenomena with a particle view point. Many phenomena in a solution were not simplified by colligative property of solution, but tried to explain by the concept of attraction between solute and solvent molecules. This computer assisted learning materials were developed using Flash 5.0 and Flash 6.0 Action Script. Educational effects of the materials on 10th and 11th grade students represented statistically meaningful increase of concept understanding. Especially the materials were effective to the transition stage or formal stage students in 10th grade and formal stage or the natural science major students in 11th grade.
Computer Assisted Instruction Materials, Animation, Simulation, Particle View Point, High School Students, Concept Understanding, Solution, Cognitive Level
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