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Detection of Hepatitis B Virus Using Micro-PCR and Real-Time PCR Methods
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 Title & Authors
Detection of Hepatitis B Virus Using Micro-PCR and Real-Time PCR Methods
Kang, Won; Park, Sang-Bum; Nam, Youn-Hyoung; An, Young-Chang; Lee, Sang-Hyun; Jang, Won-Cheoul; Park, Su-Min; Kim, Jong-Wan; Chong, Song-Chun;
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Hepatitis B is a serious public health problem leading to chronic infection and liver cancer. Quantitation of circulating hepatitis B virus (HBV) is important for monitoring disease progression and for assessing the response to antiviral therapy. In this study, by using Real-Time PCR and novel Micro-PCR assay method, we measured HBV concentration in the clinical sample. A total of 120 serum samples from patients with HBV infection collected was in Dankook university hospital to compare the detection limit, sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility of the two assay methods. These findings of this study suggest that Micro-PCR and Real-Time PCR assay methods are comparable to each other in there detection limit, sensitivity, and reproducibility for HBV DNA quantitation. However, Micro-PCR assay is more efficient than Real-Time PCR method, because Real-Time PCR is not so time - consuming, technically easy and need to reagent of a small quantity. It will be useful for rapid and reliable clinical diagnosis of HBV in many countries.
Hepatitis B Virus;Real Time-PCR;Micro-PCR;
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