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An Effective Process for Removing Organic Compounds from Oily Sludge
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 Title & Authors
An Effective Process for Removing Organic Compounds from Oily Sludge
Jing, Guolin; Luan, Mingming; Chen, Tingting; Han, Chunjie;
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Wet air oxidation (WAO) of oily sludge was carried out using as catalyst, placed in a 0.5 L batch autoclave in the temperature range of . Experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of temperature, the initial COD, reaction time, concentration of catalyst and excess (OE) on the oxidation of the oily sludge. The results showed that in the WAO 88.4% COD was achieved after 9 min reaction at temperature of , OE of 0.8 and the initial COD of 20000 mg/L. Temperature was found to have a significant impact on the oxidation of oily sludge. Adding a catalyst significantly improved the COD removal. Homogenous catalyst, , showed effective removal for pollutants. COD removal was 99.7% in the catalytic wet air oxidation (CWAO) over catalyst. The results proved that the CWAO was an effective pretreatment method for the oily sludge.
Wet air oxidation;Catalytic wet air oxidation;Oily sludge;COD removal;
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