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Chemical Transformation of Succinic Acid by Using Amberlite IR-120 and the Reusability of Catalyst
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 Title & Authors
Chemical Transformation of Succinic Acid by Using Amberlite IR-120 and the Reusability of Catalyst
Lee, Byong-Wook; Kim, Hwang-Min; Kim, Young-Wun; Kim, Yeong-Joon;
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Dioctyl succinates and succinic anhydride were synthesized from succinic acid in the presence of a cation exchange resin, Amberlite IR-120. The synthesis of dioctyl succinate from succinic acid and octanol was perfomed in 18 h reflux condition with Amberlite IR-120 and the isolated yield of product was over 90%. For the synthesis of succinic anhydride, succinic acid was refluxed in isopropenyl acetate for 18 h with Amberlite IR-120 as a catalyst. The long reaction time was significantly reduced to less than 10 min under microwave irradiation. The catalyst was reusable at least 4 times with keeping product yield of higher than 80%.
Microwave irradiation;Succinic anhydride;Esterification;Reuseability;Cation exchange resin;
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