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Colloidal-Chemical Parameters of Petroleum-collecting and Dispersing Surfactants Based on Vegetable Oil Acid Fractions and 2-(Chloromethyl) Oxirane
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 Title & Authors
Colloidal-Chemical Parameters of Petroleum-collecting and Dispersing Surfactants Based on Vegetable Oil Acid Fractions and 2-(Chloromethyl) Oxirane
Asadov, Ziyafaddin H.; Ahmadova, Gulnara A.; Rahimov, Ravan A.; Mammadova, Khuraman A.;
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Novel surfactants have been synthesized by catalytic chloropropoxylation reaction of carboxylic acid fractions of sunflower, olive, cottonseed, soya-bean, castor and corn oils with 2-(chloromethyl)oxirane. Colloidal-chemical parameters as well as petroleum-collecting and petroleum-dispersing capacities of the synthesized chloropropoxylate esters having heterochain of various lengths have been determined. Influence of carboxylic acid fractions composition and length of chloroxypropylene chain on petroleum-collecting and dispersing capacities has been revealed.
Nonionic surfactants;Chloropropoxylates;Fatty acids;Petroleum-collecting;
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