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One-pot Four Component Reaction of Unsymmetrical 1-Methylbarbituric Acid with BrCN and Various Aldehydes in the Presence of Et3N and/or Pyridine
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 Title & Authors
One-pot Four Component Reaction of Unsymmetrical 1-Methylbarbituric Acid with BrCN and Various Aldehydes in the Presence of Et3N and/or Pyridine
Jalilzadeh, Mohammad; Pesyan, Nader Noroozi;
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Reaction of 1-methylpyrimidine-(1H,3H,5H)-2,4,6-trione (1-MBA 1) as an unsymmetrical barbituric acid with cyanogen bromide and various aldehydes in the presence of triethylamine and/or pyridine afforded diastereomeric mixtures of new class of heterocyclic stable 5-aryl-1,1`-dimethyl- and 5-aryl-3,1`-dimethyl-1H,1`H-spiro[furo[2,3-d]pyrimidine-6,5`-pyrimidine]2,2`,4,4`,6`(3H,3`H,5H)-pentaones which are dimeric forms of 1-methyl barbiturate at the range of to room temperature. In the reaction of some aldehydes with 1-MBA and BrCN were afforded a mixture of diastereomers. Another two aldehydes such as 4-cyano- and 2-hydroxybenzaldehydes gave exclusively two diastereomers in which binded to the salt of triethylammonium hydrobromide by intermolecular H-bond in ratio of 1:1. 4-Hydroxybenzaldehyde and 2-pyridinecarbaldehyde gave exclusively one diastereomer under the same condition. Aldehydes possessing strong electron-donor were produced exclusively two geometric isomers of Knoevenagel adduct (E- and Z-isomers). The structures of compounds were deduced by NMR, NMR and FT-IR spectroscopy. Mechanism of the formation is discussed.
1-Methyl barbituric acid;Spiro barbiturate;Biological effect;Cyanogen bromide;Diastereomer;
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