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Synthesis and Characterization of Homo Binuclear Macrocyclic Complexes of UO2(VI), Th(IV), ZrO(IV) and VO(IV) with Schiff-Bases Derived from Ethylene diamine/Orthophenylene Diamine, Benzilmonohydrazone and Acetyl Acetone
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis and Characterization of Homo Binuclear Macrocyclic Complexes of UO2(VI), Th(IV), ZrO(IV) and VO(IV) with Schiff-Bases Derived from Ethylene diamine/Orthophenylene Diamine, Benzilmonohydrazone and Acetyl Acetone
Mohapatra, R.K.; Ghosh, S.; Naik, P.; Mishra, S.K.; Mahapatra, A.; Dash, D.C.;
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A series of homo binuclear complexs of the type , [where ] and , L=1,5,6,9,12,15,16,20 octaaza-7,813,14-tetraphenyl-2,4,17,19-tetramethyl-1,4,6,8,12,14,16,19-docosaoctene (OTTDO) or L'=10:11;21:22-dibenzo-1,5,6,9,12,15,16,20-octaaza-7,813,14-tetraphenyl-2,4,17,19-tetramethyl-1,4,6,8,12,14,16,19-docosaoctene (DOTTOT), n=4 for , n=8 for m=1,2,3 respectively, have been synthesized in template method from ethylenediamine/orthophenylene diamine, benzil monohydrazone and acetyl acetone and characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, thermal analysis, molar conductivity, magnetic moment, electronic, infrared, -NMR studies. The results indicate that the VO(IV) ion is penta co-ordinated yielding paramagnetic complexes; , ZrO(IV) ions are hexa co-ordinated where as Th(IV) ion is octa co-ordinated yielding diamagnetic complexes of above composition. The fungi toxicity of the ZrO(IV) and VO(IV) complexes against some fungal pathogen has been studied.
Schiff base;Binuclear macrocyclic complexes;Template synthesis;Structure and spectral properties;
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