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A New Two-Parameter Equation of State for Pure Gases of Hard Spheres with An Attractive Potential
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 Title & Authors
A New Two-Parameter Equation of State for Pure Gases of Hard Spheres with An Attractive Potential
Jung, Hae-Young;
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Using Carnahan-Starling equation for hard spheres and a lattice model with an attractive potential, a new twoparameter equation of state for pure gases is derived. Using this equation, compressibility factors are calculated and compared with Nelson-Obert generalized compressibility factor charts. The results show that the agreement of this equation with the experimental Nelson-Obert charts is similar to that of Redlich-Kwong equation in the average. But parameters and terms of the new equation have physical meanings which are more definite than those of Redlich-Kwong equation.
Equation of state;Lattice gas;
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분자의 논랜덤 분포가 기체의 상태방정식에 미치는 영향,정해영;

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