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Synthesis and Antidiabetic Evaluation of Benzothiazole Derivatives
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis and Antidiabetic Evaluation of Benzothiazole Derivatives
Mariappan, G.; Prabhat, P.; Sutharson, L.; Banerjee, J.; Patangia, U.; Nath, S.;
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A novel series of benzothiazole derivatives were synthesized and assayed in vivo to investigate their hypoglycemic activity by streptozotocin-induced diebetic model in rat. These derivatives showed considerable biological efficacy when compared to glibenclamide, a potent and well known antidiabetic agent as a reference drug. All the compounds were effective, amongst them 3d showed more prominent activity at 100 mg/kg p.o. The experimental results are statistically significant at p<0.01 and p<0.05 level.
Benzothiazole;Hypoglycemic activity;Riluzole;Antitumor activity;Diabetes;
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