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Preparation and Drug-releasing Properties of Chitosan-based Thermosensitive Composite Hydrogel
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 Title & Authors
Preparation and Drug-releasing Properties of Chitosan-based Thermosensitive Composite Hydrogel
Li, Heping; Yu, Tao; Li, Shan; Qin, Long; Ning, Jingheng;
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The novel chitosan-based thermosensitive hydrogels were prepared as control-releasing drug carriers. N-carboxyethyl chitosan (ACS) was synthesized by microwave heating for 1 h through Michael addition of CS to acrylic acid in a grafting yield of 52.97%, which was proved to be a faster and more efficient way than ordinary methods. 5-Fu was modified with formaldehyde to synthesize N,N`-Bis(hydroxymethyl)-5-fluorouracil (5-Fu-OH). Then an esterification was performed using ACS and 5-Fu-OH to give 5-Fu-ACS. The new thermosensitive hydrogels were prepared by adding sodium glycerophosphate to the solution of compounds under a certain constant temperature. Simultaneously, the hydrogels` swelling rate, in vitro drug release rate and thermosensitive were studied, and found that the 5-Fu-ACS composite hydrogel had more excellent releasing effect, higher drug loading and better thermosensitive.
Chitosan;Acrylic acid;Microwave heating;Thermosensitive hydrogel;Drug releasing;
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