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Development of HRP-modified Carbon Composite Biosensor and Electrochemical Analysis of H2O2
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 Title & Authors
Development of HRP-modified Carbon Composite Biosensor and Electrochemical Analysis of H2O2
Park, Deog-Su;
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A sol-gel derived carbon composite electrodes (CCEs) were fabricated by mixing horseradish peroxidase (HRP), sol of tetraethoxysilane (TESO), and graphite powder. The HRP solution was added to the sol solution of TEOS, and then graphite powder was added to this mixture. The resulting carbon ceramic network effectively encapsulated HRP and shows a catalytic reduction starting at -0.2 V for . The optimum conditions for determination have been characterized with respect to the enzyme loading ratio and pH. The linear range and detection limit of detection were from 0.2 mM to 2.2 mM and 0.035 mM, respectively. The common electroactive interferences such as ascorbic acid, acetaminophene, and uric acid were not affected upon the response to at the HRP biosensor due to low detection potential.
Sol-gel;Carbon composite;Horseradish peroxidase;Biosensor;Hydrogen peroxide;
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