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Instructional Influences of Explicit and Reflective Scientific Inquiry Learning Program about Nature of Scientific Inquiry
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Instructional Influences of Explicit and Reflective Scientific Inquiry Learning Program about Nature of Scientific Inquiry
Han, Sujin; Yang, Chanho; Noh, Taehee;
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In this study, we developed a explicit and reflective scientific inquiry learning program about nature of scientific inquiry, and compared its instructional influences with those of implicit scientific inquiry learning. We also compared students` perceptions of the program. Eighth graders at a middle school were assigned to the treatment and the control groups. The students of the treatment group participated in the program, while those of the control group participated in general scientific inquiry instruction. The analyses of the results revealed that the program was more effective in improving students` epistemological views on scientific inquiry than general scientific inquiry learning. However, there were no statistically significant differences in both test scores of science achievement and enjoyment of science lessons. The students of the treatment group perceived that group discussion on the nature of scientific inquiry was an advantage of the program. However, they still had difficulties in performing group discussion, understanding the nature of scientific inquiry, and writing and presenting their thoughts. Educational implications of these findings are discussed.
Nature of scientific inquiry;Epistemological views;Explicit and reflective scientific inquiry learning;Group discussion;
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중학생의 "과학자 되어보기" 멘토-멘티 프로그램 참여를 통한 과정으로서 과학의 본성 학습 경험,정찬미;신동희;

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