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Determination of PFOS in LDPE and the Result for Proficiency Testing
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 Title & Authors
Determination of PFOS in LDPE and the Result for Proficiency Testing
Jung, Jae Hak; Lee, Young Kyu; Myung, Seung Woon; Cheong, Nam Yong;
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In order to develop a quantitation method for Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid(PFOS) contained in plastics that are mainly used in electric and electronic equipment, this study consisted of conducting method validations with LDPE samples using soxhlet solvent extraction and LC/MS. As a result, the limits of detection and quantitation (LOD, LOQ) were and , respectively. Additionally, the recovery was 96-102%. For the correlation coefficient of LC/MS, the value was 0.9992 in the concentration range of , which confirmed its linearity. Furthermore, for the standardization of the analysis method for PFOS in electric and electronic equipment to correspond to EU environmental regulations, we conducted a proficiency test with a number of domestic and international testing laboratories. Three of the ten testing laboratories that participated in the proficiency test submitted outliers. Accordingly, we examined the cause of the outliers using the NMR, finding that the main cause was an error in the processing of the results for isomers in PFOS that existed in standard solutions and samples.
PFOS;LC/MS;Proficiency testing; NMR;
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