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Preparation and In Vitro Release of Ramose Chitosan-Based-5-Fluorouracil Microspheres
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 Title & Authors
Preparation and In Vitro Release of Ramose Chitosan-Based-5-Fluorouracil Microspheres
Li, He-Ping; Li, Hui; Wang, Zhou-Dong; Zhang, Juan-Juan; Deng, Man-Feng; Chen, San-Long;
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In order to construct a controlled release system of drugs and to reduce toxic side effects of 5-fluorouracil, the novel ramose chitosan-based-5-fluorouracil microspheres (CS-FU-MS) were prepared. Firstly, using chitosan (CS) as carriers and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) as a model drug, ramose chitosan-based-5-fluorouracil (CS-FU) was efciently synthesized by chemical crosslinking method through microwave irradiation, drug loading was 10.6%; Secondly, CS-FU-MS were prepared by CS-FU self-assembled under the dialysis conditions and the free 5-FU was encapsulated further at the same time. The size dispersivity of particles is uniform, and the average diameter of the CS-FU-MS was . The drug encapsulation efficiency was 76.1%, and the drug loading was increased to 26.22%. CS-FU-MS maintain the zero-order release time in PBS (pH
Chitosan-based-5-fluorouracil;Preparation;Controlled release;Microspheres;
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